Satlink FB250+

Quick and reliable satellite communication at sea


The new Satlink FB250 + communications equipment provides ships with simultaneous voice and data satellite communications. It also provides rapid and reliable connection with global coverage.

This system is designed to meet the most demanding communication needs on all types of ship. Its robustness and reliability guarantee maintains the highest level of productivity and efficiency, both of vital importance at sea.

Satlink has utilised its knowledge and experience once again to develop a robust and reliable system that meets the needs of both current and future boat communications.

The Satlink FB250 + is a more resistant and modern equipment compared to its predecesor. Meeting the needs of the new requirements of Inmarsat, ATC (Ancillary Terrestrial Component) and Extended L-Band (Extended L-Band).

The Satlink FB250 + covers all the communications, professional and personal needs of the crew. It comes at an extremely competitive and affordable price, yet with greater quality.




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