The project includes voice, data, fax, SMS and VSAT satellite services, as well as the creation of a management, operation and maintenance center

Madrid, April 4, 2018.- The Temporary Business Union formed by Satlink and Hisdesat has been awarded the contract to provide and manage the satellite communications services and infrastructures included in the Ministry’s Integral Information Infrastructure for defense (I3D) of the Defense Ministry. The contract is for a period of three years, has a value of 4.2 million euros and corresponds to lot 4 of the 12 that the Ministry took out to tender.

The Satlink and Hisdesat UTE will provide the services of satellite voice communications, fax data, SMS and telex, through the constellations Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya and Globalstar, both in Spain and abroad. In addition, satellite communications services based on VSAT technology will be provided.

Satlink’s long experience as a provider of Army L-band services and Hisdesat’s extensive experience as an operator of government satellite communications services to the Ministry of Defense has allowed the UTE to position itself as the best bid in the competition.

The contract also includes the implementation of a management, operation and integral maintenance center of the necessary infrastructure to provide all these services.

The overall communications program of the Ministry of Defense is aimed at guaranteeing security in the exchange of information, as well as increasing the protection of the whole infrastructure, from the central organs, to the Armies and the Navy, through the contingents of the missions abroad.

About Satlink
Founded in 1992, Satlink is a Spanish engineering company specialized in satellite telecommunications. Satlink, which has agreements with the global satellite networks Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium, is a world leader as a provider of technological solutions for the fishing sector and also markets satellite communications solutions in the terrestrial and air environment. Satlink is a regular supplier of the Ministry of Defense since its foundation 25 years ago. Headquartered in Madrid, Satlink has offices in Seychelles, Ecuador and Fiji.

About Hisdesat
HISDESAT was born in 2001 as an operator of satellite government services to act fundamentally in the areas of defense, security, intelligence and external services. Since 2005, the company provides secure satellite communications services to government agencies in different countries and is currently developing new constellations of Earth observation satellites and maritime satellite traffic information (AIS).