Satlink ELB3010 Manager Control Center

Software for buoy management


Manager Control Center

The ELB3010 Manager Control Center allows the user to manage the information received from the satellite buoys in an intuitive and easy format. This allows to see all the positions of the buoys, manage the information received from the echo sounder, and overlook the position, speed and course of the vessel they are being transported in.

The visual format of the buoys is absolutely configurable in shape and colors as well as the tracks size.

This software is compatible with other oceanographic softwares such as Capsat and Maxsea.

The Control Centre is upgraded automatically and remotely allowing the end user to enjoy all functions and tools integrated in the system since day one.




  • Intuitive and easy format

  • Automatic reception of buoy information

  • Exportable information to other plotters on board

  • Automatic reception of echo sounder information from buoys with fish biomass detected

  • Bathymetry (beached buoys)

  • Best course to reach the buoy (calculated knowing the buoy’s track)

  • 100% compatible with other satellite communication equipment on board such as Inmarsat FleetBroadBand, Fleet, Iridium, etc.

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