Naval Electronic Equipment

High-tech electronic equipment

Our new solutions portfolio allows us to expand the offer of electronic equipment aimed at meeting the needs of fishing and auxiliary fleet. This would not be possible without the support of a highly qualified team, based in different geographical locations, such as Ecuador, Seychelles, Fiji or South Korea, and led from the port of Marín, in Pontevedra. 

Over two decades of intense activity in the deployment and maintenance of the most advanced technology on these types of ships and vessels attest to our expertise. 

We service all kinds of ships and vessels
A strategic network of offices allows for a fast and efficient response, wherever required
Innovation, technology and sustainability are our hallmarks

Deployment, repair and maintenance

Of electronic navigational aids and steering equipment, on all types of vessels:
fishing, auxiliary, recreational and/or merchant, in any port in the world. 

  • The most complete range of equipment

    The most complete range of equipment

    We have a wide range of quality equipment such as radars, pilots and gyroscopes, electronic chart systems, GMDSS radio communication systems, safety equipment such as radio beacons, SART or handheld GMDSS VHF, GPS equipment and satellite compasses, thermal cameras, etc., as well as all the equipment belonging to the NAVICO group, which includes the brands SIMRAD, LOWRANCE, B&G and C-MAP.

  • Different systems for different needs


    • Radars Sonars
    • Net sounders
    • Vertical sounders
    • DSFs for tuna fishing (smart buoys)
    • DSFs for longline fishing (smart buoys)
  • Different systems for different needs


    • Multifunctional displays for course, rudder angle, wind etc.
    • Multifunctional displays
    • Depth gauges
    • Wind sensors
  • Different systems for different needs


    • Satellite compass and GPS systems
    • Electronic mapping systems of all kinds
  • Different systems for different needs


    • AIS (Automatic Identification System)
    • Information ServiceOceanographic and Meteorological
    • Information Service
    • Video Matrix Systems
    • Industrial servers and computers
  • Different systems for different needs


    • Autopilots
    • Steering levers
    • Gyroscopic
    • Magnetic compasses
  • Different systems for different needs


    • Approved vests with personal radio beacon
    • 406 MHz radio beacons
    • 9GHz SART and AIS
    • Handheld VHF abandon ship GMDSS
    • ATEX-type handheld VHFs
  • Different systems for different needs


    • GMDSS consoles
    • MF/HF BLU GMDSS radiotelephones
    • GMDSS VHF radiotelephones
    • UHF radiotelephones
    • Navtex
  • Different systems for different needs


    • Ku- and Ka-band VSATs
    • Iridium
    • FleetBroadband
    • Thuraya
    • GSM
  • Different systems for different needs


    • Thermal cameras
    • Marine monitors
    • Indoor communication equipment and Talk-back type loudspeaker system
    • Public Address type indoor communication equipment
    • Batteryless
    • Telephone System

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