● Through Bureo’s Net Positiva program, the profits from the sale of new recycled products are used to finance several social initiatives, such as environmental education in primary schools

Madrid, October 31th 2018.- Satlink, a Spanish engineering company specialized in satellite telecommunications, has reaffirmed at the Our Ocean Conference, held this week in Bali, its commitment to support Bureo’s Net+Positiva program by sponsoring their collection of 100.000 kilos of plastic from fishing nets used by commercial and artisanal fleets in Chilean waters for recycling. Social impact business, Bureo, launched their Net+Positiva program to work directly with fishermen across the coast of Chile to create a positive recycling solution for this harmful source of plastic pollution. Satlink intends to fulfil their 100.000kg sponsorship commitment by the end of 2019, through the campaign Zero Impact, launched last May with the collaboration of the NGO World Animal Protection and Bureo. Satlink, Bureo and World Animal Protection are members of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI).

Since its launching, Zero Impact has already supported the collection of 16.000 kilos of fishing nets provided by local fishermen participating in Bureo’s Net+Positiva program. In addition to avoiding its impact on the marine environment, the program involves transforming the collected material into new products through recycling, which allows jobs creation in local populations.

In addition, the profits from Bureo’s recycled material are used to finance several social initiatives. So far, two environmental education projects have been carried out in primary schools, including the installation of waste collection containers in these centres.

With the objective of reaching 100.000 kilos by 2019, the campaign Zero Impact will be extended this year to four artisanal fishing communities, namely Pichilemu, Bucalemu, Llico and Coliumo.

Spanish technology leading the world’s sustainable fisheries
Satlink is currently the leading supplier of satellite telecommunications systems for the fishing sector. In collaboration with fleets, NGOs and governments, the company develops solutions to ensure a sustainable fishing activity, such as Electronic Reporting System (ERS), electronic monitoring systems (EMS) or smart buoys.

In 2017, Satlink participated for the first time in the Our Ocean conference which, since 2014, focuses on the presentation of commitments and the adoption of measures contributing to the oceans protection and sustainability in the areas of marine pollution, marine protected areas, maritime security, sustainable blue economy, fisheries management and climate change.

At the 2017 edition, held in Malta, the company announced its commitment to improving its on-board electronic monitoring solutions by 2020.

In May 2018, Satlink joined the Global Ghost Gear Initiative, which works to drive innovative solutions to the problem of abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear worldwide, also known as ghost gear.

About Satlink
Founded in 1992, Satlink is a Spanish engineering company specialized in satellite telecommunications. Satlink, which has agreements with the global satellite networks Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium, is a world leader as a provider of technological solutions for the fishing sector and also markets satellite communications solutions in the terrestrial and air environment. Satlink is a regular supplier of the Ministry of Defense since its foundation 25 years ago. Headquartered in Madrid, Satlink has offices in Seychelles, Ecuador and Fiji.www.satlink.es

About Bureo
Bureo is a certified Benefits Corporation operating between California and Chile focused on developing innovative solutions to prevent ocean plastic pollution. In 2013 Bureo founded Chile’s first fishing net collection and recycling program,‘Net+Positiva’, with the mission to provide fishermen access to fishnet waste disposal points along the coast of Chile as a means to prevent ocean pollution. Through partnerships with a growing list of companies such as Patagonia and Costa Sunglasses, Bureo is able to transform this once harmful plastic pollution into new positive products.

About the Global Ghost Gear Initiative
In 2015, World Animal Protection established the Global Ghost Gear Initiative- a cross-sectoral alliance committed to driving solutions to the problem of lost and abandoned fishing gear worldwide. The GGGI aims to improve the health of marine ecosystems, protect marine animals, and safeguard human health and livelihoods. The GGGI now has 93-member organisations globally, with members from industry, government, academia, and NGOs. From January 2019 onwards, Ocean Conservancy (OC) will become the GGGI’s new lead partner organisation.

About world animal protection
World Animal Protection has moved the world to protect animals for the last 50 years. World Animal Protection works to give animals a better life. Its activities include working with companies to ensure high standards of welfare for the animals in their care, working with governments and other stakeholders to prevent wild animals being cruelly traded, trapped or killed, and saving the lives of animals and the livelihoods of the people who depend on them in disaster situations. World Animal Protection influences decision makers to put animals on the global agenda, and it inspires people to protect animals and to change animals’ lives for the better. More information on World Animal Protection can be found at: www.worldanimalprotection.org