Madrid, 30th July 2019.- 

Satlink, a Spanish engineering company specialised in technological solutions and developments based on satellite communications, has acquired the company Electrónica Rías Bajas (ERB), dedicated to providing services around maritime electronics equipment and satellite telecommunications for the maritime environment. The operation is part of Satlink’s growth strategy, following the entry into its shareholding, in 2017, of the company Artá Capital.

ERB, based in Marín (Pontevedra), has maintained for more than two decades an outstanding position in Spain in the installation and maintenance of the most advanced technology in the field of maritime electronics for all types of vessels: merchants, deep sea and coastal fishing vessels, leisure boats, passenger ships, etc. ERB’s portfolio of solutions includes navigation assistance, fish detection and fishing net control equipment for fishing vessels, ship navigation and government equipment, instrumentation, on-board entertainment, security and satellite communications equipment. In addition, it conducts inspection work on ships, as a certifying company of Bureau Veritas.

With this operation, Satlink, which provides satellite telecommunications solutions and services in land, air and maritime environments, reinforces its commitment to the fishing sector, expanding its services, solutions and number of professionals dedicated to this industry. .

Satlink hopes that this acquisition, together with another acquisition operation which is currently in the closing phase, will contribute to maintain double-digit growth in the coming years, thanks to its firm commitment to innovation in its main business lines, which include smart buoys for fishing, high-speed satellite communication solutions and management solutions focused on fisheries for governments.

Finally, it is important to highlight that Satlink’s technology has recently been chosen by the government of the Republic of Kiribati, in Oceania, to digitize the management of its fishing activity, one of the main sources of income for the economy of this country. Kiribati has one of the largest fishing grounds on the planet, where about 15% of the worlds tropical tuna is captured.

About Satlink
Founded in 1992, Satlink is a Spanish engineering company which since its creation, leads the research, innovation and development of technological solutions based on satellite communication in the terrestrial, air and maritime environments, with special focus on contributing to a more sustainable and responsible management of the fishing sector. Headquartered in Madrid, Satlink has offices in Vigo, Seychelles, Ecuador, Fiji and, after this new addition, Marí