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Discover the tools that help governments, regulators, and industry players better control the activity onboard.

Satlink possesses over 7 years of experience in the field of Electronic Monitoring (EM), with onboard solutions tailored to a wide range of vessels’ types and sizes– from small scale coastal fisheries to deep sea commercial fisheries.

Having deployed more than 220 SeaTube® EM systems in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, Satlink has worked successfully fishing companies, NGOs, and governments.

We look forward to becoming your strategic partner in the design and deployment of EM solutions.

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For fisheries

Type-approved in some oceans by regulators (e.g. ICATT), Satlink SeaTube® helps optimize the management of precious fishing resources, improving the quality of scientific data, compliance, and transparency. While human observers are limited in their ability to monitor large portions of fishing for some fleets, the emergence of EM offers a solution to meet this challenge and increase at sea monitoring coverage levels.

For commercial vessels

SeaTube® gives vessel owners and operators the ability to control and audit day-to-day operations onboard from onshore, in real-time and after the trip.

Satlink SeaTube®

Satlink has designed this solution to be able to integrate all monitoring technologies onboard. It incorporates various sensors–cameras, GPS position, hydraulics, and more–that collect the information on the activity to be monitored. This data is encrypted to assure privacy and data confidentiality, only a certified reviewer can access it.

By way of self-diagnostic checks, the SeaTube® sends real time alerts via satellite to make sure that it is working properly, the cameras are clean, and nobody has manipulated the system.

It is fully compatible with the Satlink View Manager® video review software and designed for fast and secure review of captured information for the generation of accurate fishing reports.

SeaTube® core unit

The brains of the system

This low maintenance but sophisticated equipment is designed to work in ocean environments.

It manages up to 8 cameras and 4 hard drives, allowing for 24×7 video and sensor recordings and can generate and store months of information (1).

Given its compact fanless design, SeaTube® can be installed on any vessel but is most suitable for those longer than 12m or 39 ft.

1 The recording period depends mainly on the size of the hard drives used and the number of cameras.

HD 720p Video Cameras

Don’t miss a thing

Waterproof (IP-67) cameras designed to handle the harsh environment where they will be installed.

Unlike normal CCTV systems, these cameras are tamper-evidence and robust enough to record video 24×7 in ocean environments.

The high definition recordings allow the reviewer to dive into the videos when needing more details.

SSD/HDD Storage

Preserving months of video recordings

The system allows for the use of up to four (4) high density drives or solid-state drives (HDD/SDD) with a capacity of up to 4TB each.

In other words, it can store 24×7 recordings from 1 SeaTube® camera for over a year. Although the system’s normal configuration is setup to work with more cameras for shorter periods of time.

Satlink Nano VMS® module

Full traceability

The Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) is a module that gives the system the ability to transmit to the control center vessel GPS positions in real-time, information from gear sensors and real-time system alerts. These status alerts communicate authorized personnel if there is any video disfunctions during the voyage and fix the issue remotely if possible.

The unit works autonomously and is integrated into the SeaTube® system. This VMS is type-approved in some regions and is a reliable source of information.

Satlink View Manager®for fisheries

When complete integration matters

Satlink has designed a powerful suite of software tools that make the review of fishing videos on shore quick and easy.

Imagine processing years of video footage to generate different reports and to do this in a timely manner. This is made possible by applying Satlink’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology and Machine Learning analysis to the information generated by a system that speaks the same language.

The SVM® software gives video reviewers the ability to generate reports in most of the common formats demanded by fishing regulators.

Sustainability 4.0

Why we are involved

Given Satlink’s commitment to the better management of oceans, we are a leader in implementing A.I. tools with EM for improving and optimizing fisheries management capacities of governments and regulators, resulting in better ocean conservation and improved labour conditions on board vessels.

SeaTube® Cloud

Remote access to the vessel

This website service is designed to give vessel owners and operators the capacity to check what is happening onboard, both in real-time and after the trip.

It allows cloud access to historical images, different quality recordings, real time video or images, logs and other useful tools and information.

These kinds of tools normally demand a high bandwidth system such as a VSAT or high capacity L-Band. Satlink offers telecom plans for both global and regional clients and can adapt to your special requirements and budget.

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We have wide experience working with the industry, RFMOs, NGOs and stakeholders in the EM environment. Satlink is uniquely positioned to collaborate with you on designing an Electronic Monitoring program.

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