Satlink VMS Artisanal

Model: VMS Artisanal

For positioning of artisan fishing boats


As a result of the latest control measures that the Authorities are implementing for the management of their fishing fleets, Satlink has designed, for those boats with power supply problems on board, a VMS localization device with internal battery and that does not require installation.

Satlink has applied its 25 years of experience and knowledge of the fishing industry and as a provider of many governments in this type of technology, to design a satellite positioning unit that does not require installation and will facilitate and reduce costs to fishermen, not only from the point of view of equipment and communications traffic but also in reference to maintenance, since the new VMS Artisanal equipment has a high performance integrated super capacitor, powered by solar panels with a useful life of 10 years.




The VMS Artisanal team offers an integrated design suitable for any boat. The solution consists of an ST 6000 satellite transceiver based on Inmarsat (IDP) with an integrated GPS receiver.

It has a button to press in case of emergency that at the same time transmitting an alarm message to the authorities causes the VMS Artisanal to emit a flash that makes it easier for a nearby boat to locate the beacon in the dark.


The main success of the VMS Artisanal is the use of technologies that do not require assistance to change the battery, powered by solar panels. Thanks to the proven technology of super capacitors, the VMS buoy is ideal for small boats since the device does not require installation and is powered by solar panels. The Satlink VMS Artesanal is the only solution that respects the environment by not containing heavy metals or non-disposable elements. Beacon with total energy autonomy, powered by solar panels. It is not necessary to store or replace batteries, since the lifespan of the beacon energy system is unlimited.

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