Satlink VMS Control Center

Technology for sustainable and efficient fishing



As of today, the majority of fishing vessels are not required to install a Blue Box or VMS device on board in order to fish. These systems allow the detection, identification and monitoring of fishing vessels by satellite which control and supervide their fishing operations at sea.

Satlink has designed several Blue Boxes for years now. The latest is a remote tracking system (VMS) which can be used by the fisheries control authorities (FMC).

This solution consists of three parts: the first focused on an operative part; the second on the analysis of statistical data based on the fishing parties; and finally the third is related to the user interface. The latter manages the interface of the servers that allow the interaction between the current VMS system based on Inmarsat-C and IsatM2M, and the new solution based on ISatData Pro technology. Furthermore, the server interface works in the way of an information gateway so it can be exchanged with third parties.

The operative part of the solution is responsible for managing the software of the cartography and the IU data entry (User Interface). Lastly, the analysis section generates reports which are able to be shared and exchanged with third parties, or even used for legal and statistical analysis on the operation of the VMS tracking system.


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