Satlink VMS/ERS Solution

Technology for sustainable and efficient fishing



Increasingly, more and more countries are in demand of a location system that fulfils beyond the basic requirements of vessel identification and positioning.
Having more information allows us to produce highly useful statistical data, however due to the lack of regulation for the exchange of data the system must have possess great flexibility. In turn, this enables better adaption to changes, or to better incorporate new requirements.

The Satlink VMS / ERS solution meets all of the above requirements. This is due to the fact that the Satlink Interface Server develops a communication bridge between the Inmarsat network and the governmental fisheries authorities. Additionally, where appropriate, a bridge with the owners of the vessels too.

The flexible design of the Satlink solution facilitates growth and allows a system to be tailored to the needs of governments and shipowners.






  • A reduction in the number of actions required to complete the statements
  • Inclusion of tools which enable and facilitate the user interface, whilst also reducing costs related to ERS
  • It takes advantage of the available VMS information to complete the statements

  • Guaranteed protection over any unauthorised changes regarding VMS and ERS information transmitted

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