Satlink se une a GGGI con el objetivo de evitar 100 toneladas de redes de pesca descartadas en Chile

Satlink, GGGI’s newest participant, has teamed up with fellow GGGI participants World Animal Protection and Bureo to expand Bureo’s Net+Positiva program to additional areas in Chile, which will see 100 tonnes of end of life fishing nets recycled and turned into products such as skateboards, sunglasses, frisbees and more.

Bureo, a Chilean-American business known for transforming abandoned fishing gear into skateboards and sunglasses, and the Spaniard Satlink, leader in satellite communications, will cooperate with the GGGI to accomplish this feat during 2019.

As a leading company working in maritime technology and sustainable fisheries, Satlink is making a commitment through its Zero Impact campaign to fund the strengthening and growth of Bureo’s extremely successful Net+Positiva program, which provides infrastructure and training to fishing communities in Chile in order to sustainably retrieve and manage fishing gear at the end of its life cycle that would otherwise end up lost or discarded in the ocean.

This GGGI project will expand Bureo’s net collection program to four new artisanal fishing communities in Chile, building on the established successful Net+Postiva model pioneered in other areas and ensure sustainable waste management for end of life fishing gear. Additionally, efforts will be scaled to collect larger volumes of end of life and discarded nets from existing communities already engaged in the Net+Positiva program.

The expansion of this program will reduce the risk of new ghost gear from entering the marine environment, helping to protect the sustainability of fish stocks and a significant threat to marine wildlife and ecosystems. Additionally, by transforming this gear into higher value products, like skateboards and sunglasses, Bureo is able to provide fair wages to local workers in the communities while maintaining a monetary fund for the community by paying for each recovered kilogram of fishing gear. This project will also promote the benefits of fish net recycling from a ghost gear prevention perspective through project participants’ own networks, in the media, industry events, etc. and facilitate scaling of this approach to new regions.

Sobre Satlink
Fundada en 1992, Satlink es una ingeniería española especializada en telecomunicaciones por satélite. Satlink, que mantiene acuerdos con las redes mundiales de satélites Inmarsat, Thuraya e Iridium, es líder mundial como proveedor de soluciones tecnológicas para el sector pesquero y también comercializa soluciones de comunicaciones vía satélite en el entorno terrestre y aéreo. Con sede central en Madrid, Satlink tiene oficinas en Islas Seychelles, Ecuador y Fiji.